School-Wide Positive Behavior Support

School-wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS) is a proactive approach based on a three-tiered model of prevention and intervention aimed at creating safe and effective schools. Emphasis is placed on teaching and reinforcing important social skills and data-based problem-solving to address existing behavior concerns. SWPBS is being implemented in thousands of schools across the country and has been demonstrated to reduce discipline problems and increase time for instruction.


School-wide Positive Behaivor Support



Wayne RESA offers PBS resources and support to schools within Wayne County. Feel free to download any of the documents included on this page or contact Chris McEvoy for more information

PDF DocumentPositive Behavior Support Policy, 2006
Michigan State Board of Education

PDF DocumentSchool-wide PBS Implementation Guide, 2010
Michigan Department of Education

Powerpoint DocumentAdministrative Support for PBIS: Building and District Levels - 2016

Powerpoint DocumentEngaging Parents in PBIS - 2016


Alternatives to Suspension

Bully Prevention and PBIS

PDF DocumentElementary Manual (Ross, Horner, & Stiller)
PDF DocumentMiddle School Manual (Ross, Horner, & Stiller)
PDF DocumentHigh School Manual (Expect Respect, 2013 - Stiller, Nese, Tomlanovich, Horner, & Ross)
PDF DocumentSTOP-WALK-TALK Poster - Gibraltar, Parsons Elementary
PDF DocumentPBIS Bully Prevention Poster


Tier One

Tier One Overview Presentations    

Powerpoint DocumentTier One Overview - 2016

Assessment and Monitoring

Word DocumentPBIS Self-Assessment Survey 2014
Word DocumentPBIS Team Implementation Checklist, 2016  
Excel DocumentTeam Implementation Checklist Graph, 2016

Monthly Data Reports

Powerpoint DocumentMonthly Data Report Template  2016-17 
Excel DocumentQuick Sort Organizer 2015-16
PDF DocumentSample Office Discipline Referral Form

MiStar User Guides for PBIS

Word DocumentPBIS User Guide, 2016

Sample Tier One PBIS Materials

Word DocumentBlank Expectations Matrix 

High School

Word DocumentAllen Park Community High School Penguins Rule Newsletter
Powerpoint DocumentNorthville High School
Powerpoint DocumentRedford Union High School
Powerpoint DocumentSummit High School Free Passes
Powerpoint DocumentWayne-Westland John Glenn/Memorial High School Rewards
Powerpoint DocumentWayne-Westland Tinkham Alternative High School Matrix
Powerpoint DocumentWyandotte Roosevelt High School Brochure    

Middle School

Powerpoint DocumentLivonia Frost Middle School Forms 
Powerpoint DocumentLivonia Frost Middle School Posters
Powerpoint DocumentRedford Union Hilbert Middle School Posters
Word DocumentRomulus Middle School PBS Staff Manual
PDF DocumentRomulus Middle School Targeted Intervention for Afternoon Disruptions
Powerpoint DocumentTrenton Arthurs Middle School Posters
PDF DocumentVan Buren South Middle School Tiger Ticket Card 
PDF DocumentWayne-Westland Franklin Middle School Think Sheet
PDF DocumentWayne-Westland Franklin Middle School Classroom/Teacher Interventions
Powerpoint DocumentWyandotte Wilson Middle School Brochure
PDF DocumentWyandotte Wilson Middle School Staff Manual

Elementary School

Powerpoint DocumentGrosse Pointe Defer Monthly Reward Schedule
Powerpoint DocumentGrosse Pointe Trombly Monthly Focus Behavior
PDF DocumentLincoln Park Keppen Elementary Brochure (Spanish)
PDF DocumentLincoln Park Paun Elementary Matrix
Powerpoint DocumentLivonia Buchanan Elementary Positive Note Home
PDF DocumentLivonia Buchanan Elementary Posters
PDF DocumentLivonia Buchanan Elementary Staff Manual
Powerpoint DocumentWayne-Westland Hamilton Elementary Posters with BoardMaker Images
PDF DocumentWayne-Westland Marshall Upper Elementary Targeted Hallway Intervention
PDF DocumentWayne-Westland Taft-Galloway Kindergarten Think Sheet
PDF DocumentWayne-Westland Taft-Galloway 1st Grade Think Sheet
PDF DocumentWayne-Westland Taft-Galloway 1st and 2nd Grade Think Sheet
PDF DocumentWayne-Westland Taft-Galloway 3rd, 4th, 5th Grades Think Sheet
PDF DocumentWayne-Westland Taft-Galloway Green Day Data featuring PAWS
PDF DocumentWyandotte Taft Elementary Brochure
PDF DocumentWyandotte Taft Elementary Staff Manual

Center Programs

Powerpoint DocumentLivonia Webster PBS Boardmaker
Powerpoint DocumentNorthville Cooke School Posters
Powerpoint DocumentNorthville Old Village School Tier 1 Items

Early Childhood

Powerpoint DocumentNorthville ECSS
Powerpoint DocumentWayne-Westland Stottlemyer Posters

PBIS in the Classroom

Powerpoint DocumentPBIS in the Classroom - 2016
Word DocumentPBIS Classroom Management Checklist - 2016
Powerpoint DocumentTeacher Collaboration for Classroom Implementation of PBIS - 2016

Active Supervision

Powerpoint DocumentActive Supervision - 2016


Powerpoint DocumentWayne-Westland PBS On the Bus
Powerpoint DocumentIncreasing Bus Safety through PBIS Implementation  - Jennifer Phelps & Laura Winter, North Carolina PBIS
Word DocumentBus Driver Pamphlet  - Adapted from Randy Sprick 

Free or Inexpensive Reward Ideas - Elementary & Secondary, Laura Riffel

Tier Two

Word Document Tier 2 Plan
Powerpoint Document Tier Two Overview  

Check In - Check Out 

Powerpoint Document Check In - Check Out - 2016
Excel Document Daily Summaries
Excel Document Weekly Summaries
Excel Document Sample CICO Daily Data Summary
Word Document Point Sheet Template
Word DocumentCheck In Check Out Fidelity Checklist, 2014

Visual Token Systems

Powerpoint DocumentVisual Token Systems

Targeted Social Skills

Word Document Plan for Targeted Instruction in Social Skills/Behavior Expectations
PDF DocumentSocial Skills Instruction at Tier 2 by Terry Scott, University of Louisville

Simple FBA

Word DocumentSimple Functional Behavior Assessment

Home/School Connection

Word DocumentHome/School Collaboration Plan
Word DocumentHome Behavior Matrix Sample 
      Florida Positive Behavior Support Project
Word DocumentHome Behavior Matrix Template


Powerpoint DocumentAdult Mentors - 2016

PBIS Clubs

Powerpoint DocumentPBIS Clubs - 2016

Take A Break

Powerpoint DocumentTake a Break - 2016

Tier Three

PDF Document Wayne RESA Guidelines for Behavior Intervention, 2014

Downloadable Forms (Word)
    Simple FBA
    Intensive FBA Guide 
    Behavior Intervention Plan Format 
    Behavior Review Form 
    Weekly Scatterplot (With Times) 
    Weekly Scatterplot (Blank)
    Antecedent Behavior Consequence (ABC) Log 
    Time-Out Log 
    Emergency Intervention Incident Report  
    Informed Consent 
    Peer Review Evaluation Form 
    Human Rights Committee Review Form

Powerpoint DocumentTier 3 PBIS: Intensive Positive Behavior Support

Powerpoint DocumentTier 3 Wraparound - 2016

External LinkSchool-Justice Partnership 

PDF Document Wayne County School Justice Partnership Resource Guide 2015-16 

Excel Document Individual Data Summary

Word Document Emergency Use of Seclusion & Restraint Tip Sheet

PDF DocumentPolicy for the Emergency Use of Seclusion and Restraint, 2017 - Michigan Department of Education

Restraint and Seclusion: Resource Document, 2012, U.S. Department of Education

Chris McEvoy
Consultant, Behavior Support
(734) 334-1398

Production Services

PDF DocumentMaterials Development Fact Sheet

Library Resources

PBIS Resources and Training Materials Available Through Wayne RESA 
Keyword: PBIS

PBIS Schools in Wayne County

Word Document2015-16 Wayne County PBIS Schools

District Coaches

Bully Prevention in PBIS – Westwood

PBIS at Crestwood High School

Alternatives to Suspension – Grosse Pointe North High School

Restructuring our Coaching Model – Van Buren Schools

PBIS Tip Sheet - Southgate Schools

Classroom and Homework Improvement Plan - Brett Greene, Wyandotte Middle School

Tier 3 Social Skills Instruction - Ebonne English & Jason Maples, Redford Union

Common Sense Parenting - Meghan Pohl, Romulus Community Schools

Discrete Teacher Practices as Predictors of Student Success - Aimee Miller, Grosse Pointe Public Schools

Data, Systems and Practices in CICO - Jessica Adelmann, Van Buren Public Schools

Implementing the PBIS Bully Prevention Program at Parsons Elementary - Crystal Brown, Gibraltar School District

PBIS on the Bus, 2015 - Kayrl Reynoso , Wayne-Westland Community Schools

Sample: Coaches Feedback to Teachers - Beth Burgess, Wayne-Westland Community Schools

Teaching Social Skills: The Cornerstone of SW-PBS - Emily Compton, South Redford School District

2014 Chicago PBIS Forum Takeaways: Freshman Success Curriculum & Homework Integrity Program - Erin Radtka, Van Buren Public Schools

MS/HS Tier 2 Nomination Form - Susan Minard, Lincoln Park School District


Video DocumentStudent Engagement – Wyandotte Lincoln Center

Video DocumentOpportunities to Respond – Lincoln Park Hoover Elementary

Video Document "Watch Me" Trenton Anderson All-Stars

Video Document Incorporating Film Making Into Your School's PBIS Program - Jenna Waters, Wyandotte Wilson Middle School

Video Document A Behavior Expectations Rap Featuring Lady P - Romulus High School

Video Document Griffin Gets to Class On Time - Northville High Schools & special thanks to Ashland High School in Oregon

Video Document Homegrown SW-PBIS Videos

Video Document Peer Mentor Program - Wyandotte Wilson Middle School

Video Document Teaching Positive Expectations – Hamtramck Horizon High School

Video Document Teaching Positive Expectations K-8 – Detroit Public Schools Community District

Video Document "Today's Gonna Be a Good Day" - Wayne-Westland Adams Upper Elementary

Cool Tools

Excel DocumentCost Benefit Analysis Worksheet
PBIS Maryland

Excel DocumentSchool-wide PBS Pyramid Template  


Did you know that you can earn State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) for serving on your School-wide PBS Team?